Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Northlanders Character Designs

Here are some of my character designs for my upcoming run on the Medieval viking series Northlanders...

(cover artwork is by Massimo Carnivale)

And here's an exerpt from the book, Wars Of The Irish Kings, of the Irish account at the Battle Of Contarf:

" Now on one side of that battle were the shouting, hateful, powerful, wrestling, valiant, active, fierce-moving, dangerous, nimble, violent, furious, unscrupulous, untamable, inexorable, unsteady, cruel, barbarous, frightful, sharp, ready , huge, prepared, cunning, warlike, poisonous, murderous, hostile Danars {Danes}; bold, hard-hearted Danmarkians, surly, piratical foreignors, blue-green, pagan, without reverence, without veneration, without honor, without mercy, for God or for man.

These had for the purposes of battle and combat, and for their defense, sharp, swift. bloody, crimsoned, bounding, barbed, keen, bitter, wounding, terrible, piercing, fatal, murderous, poisoned arrows, which had been anointed and browned in the blood of dragons and toads, and water-snakes of hell, and of scorpions and otters, and wonderful venomous snakes of all kinds, to be cast and shot at active and warlike, and valiant chieftains..."

Dragons, and scorpians and otters, oh my. Otters always make the murderous killing so much more colorful and lighted-hearted.


Thursday, August 14, 2008

Super Sketchcards


Hmm, markers and pens don't play nice together on those sketchcards.

Friday, August 01, 2008

Tori Amos' Comic Book Tattoo Reviewed


has a sparkling review
Of Tori Amos' Comic Book Tattoo. This is the massive 12-inch anthology that everyone's been talking about. I have a 15-page story with John Ney Rieber and letters by Kristyn Ferretti. I wasn't sure if my contribution was any good, But it blew my mind when I saw it at SDCC in the flesh, with that size and paper. It's a really gorgeous product all around.

"..but the creators of this compilation really won my heart when they had Ryan Kelly illustrate Winter, my absolute favorite Tori song. John Ney Rieber spins a magical-realist story that really lets Kelly do a little bit of each thing he does best—impossibly detailed architecture, closeups on people with broken hearts–and then allows him a two-page spread to change the world entirely."
-Sarah Jaffe

You can order the book on Amazon