Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Oh Yeah, That's Right.


Oh yeah, that's right, my blog. I've been extremely busy lately (working on multiple comic projects). My blog posts with new art have been few and far, but I'll remedy that soon. Although, I have been posting free FUNRAMA sketches at my Tumblr. I gave away free sketches with the first 25 orders of my comic FUNRAMA PRESENTS: THE MUTANT PUNKS. They all pretty much look something like this. Quick marker sketches.

Hey have you bought my comic yet? C'mon! Take the Pepsi Challenge. Do it! Don't you want to be cool?


Tuesday, June 15, 2010


Written by MIKE CAREY
Layouts by PETER GROSS
Finishes by RYAN KELLY

Special guest artist Ryan Kelly provides finishes over Peter Gross’s art for “The Lives of Lizzie Hexam: A Choose-a-Story adventure.” Enter the mind of Lizzie Hexam, Tom Taylor’s fervent but enigmatic guardian, and explore the contradictory, impossible events that made her what she is. Is she a victim or champion? A madwoman or a saint? That’s for you and fate to decide as you pick the story’s path. The multiple Eisner-nominated series tells its most ambitious stand-alone story to date in an oversized, interactive issue!
On sale SEPTEMBER 8 • 40 pg, FC, $3.99 US MATURE READERS

September solicitations rolled in, so I can celebrate the news that I'm drawing a one-shot of THE UNWRITTEN! I'm really excited to be working with Peter and Mike again. Reunited, and it feels so good. I really value the work I did on LUCIFER for 5 years and I'm glad to see that fans still adore the series.

This issue is going to be really unique. It's a massive 64 pages in all. It's definitely the most insane thing I've ever worked on. But, It's going to be a really fun issue. Ofcourse, my one-shot had to be the most complicated comic book ever created in the history of comics.

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