Wednesday, November 16, 2011

November Update

Cockroach. Inks and watercolors on Stonehenge Cotton Vellum paper.

I've been deathly ill this week and an old man in my poor health shouldn't be expected to draw or feed himself on his own. So, I've decided to make a blog in the meantime, so step inside and enter my HOUSE OF PAIN!

An Alice's Adventures In Wonderland Illustration. Inks and watercolors on 300 lb Fabriano Hot Press. I use that paper a lot. About 11 X 17 inch.

I did this promo poster image for the film Best Friends Forever by Brea Grant and Vera Miao.

Alternative Inked version. I'm notoriously bad at drawing realistic likenesses- It's something I want to be better at -But this was fun and I did my best.

A Preacher con sketch. It's really hard to draw characters that aren't mine but I give it my best shot. Inks and Copic Markers.

Supergirl sketch. Commission? Sketch? Inks and watercolors on the Stonehenge paper.

A "quick" Mazikeen sketch with the watercolors and some acrylics as well. I really like the Stonehenge 100 % cotton vellum paper by Rising. I bought it in pads but it looks like the older pads seem to be discontinued. The "new" pads, distributed by Legionpaper, don't seem to be as good... but I'll give it some time. I'm really picky about paper and sketchbooks, and I still haven't found what I'm looking for. Where the streets have no name.

Maz with the big baddie himself in Lux. Inks, acrylics on the watercolor paper.

sketchbook drawing. I hate drawing in sketchbooks. I'm OCD in that I have to draw on flat sheets of paper.

convention sketch.

convention sketch.

Saucer Country #1 is done and I'm slowly working through #2. My health has been disagreeable. But I'm very proud of it and energized by my collaboraters, Paul Cornell and Giulia Brusco.

My Trigeminal Neuralgia--I have "atypical" TN because I'm in constant pain--has been totally not fun. I'm seeing doctors, taking the anti-seizure meds, and I might have to do the MVD surgery if it doesn't get better (you don't even want to know about that) . I've been a little creatively drained lately but, still, I've been surprisingly productive. art is SPEWING forth, and I have new exciting art-things on the horizon!

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Thursday, November 03, 2011

Saucer Country Promo


Promo image for a new book coming in February 2012.

More info here.

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