Thursday, August 30, 2012

End Of The Summer Art Sale

Arkham City Joker and Harley
Color on 11X17 inch paper

Gram Parsons
Painting on 11X17 inch paper

Debbie Harry
Gray on 11X17 inch paper

Gray on 8.5X13 paper
Harley Quinn
Color on 9X12 inch paper

Poison Ivy
Color on 8.5X13 paper

The New York Five
Gray on 17X11 inch paper
Color on 11X17 inch paper
Assasin Bug
Color on 9X12 inch paper

Bug with Wings
Color on 9X12 inch paper
Color on 9X12 inch paper

Orange Beetle
Color on 9X12 inch paper

Stink Bug
Color on 9X12 inch paper
White Moth
Color on 11 X 14 inch paper

Oh, you've heard the story many times before:

I broke my leg and I need a leg transplant. My cat needs stitches. I can't make next month's rent. I have peanut butter but no jelly.

Well, the same applies with ol' Ryebread here. I need medicine, I need to see doctors, My children have cavities, and my house is falling into disrepair.

Every summer, once a year, I have an "Art Sale"... So why stop now I guess?

The art will come and go fast. Judging by last sales, It will all be sold out in seconds. This is ain't no Kickstarter. This is just art served up nice and cheap, slathered in cole-slaw, Texas-style.

Warning!  One piece of art per person. Just ask for one. You can make a second choice too if you wish in case your #1 choice is unavailable. No promises! I take emails as they come. It's first come, first serve. Sorry!

Hark! The first person to email me at funrama@gmail.com and claim the artwork, gets the art.

Important! You MUST pay right away, Paypal to funrama@gmail.com  If you don't pay right away, I have to offer it to someone else.

Behold! If the artwork is claimed, everyone else will receive very polite emails stating that the art is taken, accompanied by an apology. Please be kind, it's original art so there's only one to go around. If the buyer doesn't pay, then I'll offer the art to the next emailer "in line".

Achtung! Please pay an additional $5 for shipping or $10 for International shipping outside of the U.S.

Extremely Important! These prices DO NOT reflect my commission rates and professional rates. I value my art. It makes my sad when people don't like my already low prices.

Caution! When the art is sold, I'll mark it as "Sold" so you know that it is sold. I will send the art Priority Mail with tracking.

Hey! All lucky buyers will receive my old out-of-print 2009 "sketchbook" All The Fun. And maybe some other things.

I said Hey! If I sell everything, I'll give 10% to the Hero Initiative, a charity I care for and I hope takes care of me someday.

This Sale will happen here at this blog, probably 3:00 pm Central Time tomorrow Friday, August 31, sharp. Barring any daily distractions. Time could change. Best to pay attention or check twitter for updates

Monday, August 27, 2012

FUNRAMA #1 is now Free and FUNRAMA #2 is now a Download

For the first time ever, Funrama has it’s own site.
For the first time ever , Funrama #1 is available to read for free.
For the first time ever, Funrama #2 is available as a digital download.
Don’t thank me. Just be there for me when I need you most.

Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Debbie Harry

Debbie Harry

Ink and digital color

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Friday, August 17, 2012

August Art Update - Not Even Kidding

Saucer Country #8

Up here is the Cover to Saucer Country #8.  I made this with my bare hands. And then, I just drew the story inside too.  I didn't waste any time. Why waste time, because I went and drew the cover for Saucer Country #9 as well. Right down here...

Saucer Country #9

C'mon. Saucer Country Volume 1 is only $8.38 at Amazon I mean, please.  If you like comics like Saucer Country, you need to buy comics like Saucer Country. 

All I want to do is make comics and then I want people to read them. It shouldn't be hard. There shouldn't be barriers. I'm making a new comic. Wouldn't you want to read it? It looks like this:


You can learn about it and all kinds of other stuff in an Interview with Chris Arrant here at ROBOT 6

And here's the latest page of Cocotte. I'm not even going to waste time begging you to read it. It's a good comic. I'm giving it everything I got. It's here, okay. I mean, I've done everything I can: cocottecomic.com/


I'm not trying to waste your time. I think I'm a good artist. I think Funrama is good.  Probably even really good. That would be neat if someone published it, but oh well, I guess I'll just do it myself. Here , see, I'm working on #3. It's called FUNRAMA #3: Presents CACTUS MAN....

Funrama #3: Cactus Man

I mean, all you have to do is give me money, and you get sketches. It's not that hard. (it is hard, you'll be waiting months). Like this:


I'm not wasting time, y'know. I'm always drawing and I'm trying to do my best. What's wrong with that? See, here. Here's some drawings. Sorry they're Instagramey. I will be having my HUGE ANNUAL ART SALE very soon.  I don't know what day yet. Check my twitter  if you care. I'm not even screwing around with this. You get very cheap art and if you're a lucky buyer, I send you MORE FREE ART AND A FREE SKETCHBOOK. I'm not going to waste your time with some "15% normal price!" baloney. Why waste your time. Here 's what to expect:

Look at this picture of Zatanna. Just look at. I'd draw you a sketch if you want at New York Comic Con. See, just look here, if you have the time, or not: New York Comic Con Guests

Sorry, I guess I have to go now. I have to draw and my health isn't good. I have Trigeminal Neuralgia and it makes me irritable. It really hurts. Have a wonderful day!