Tuesday, January 15, 2013

The Big 2013 Blog Update with Dipping Sauce

Saucer Country #14
So, Saucer Country has been canceled and issue #14 will be the last issue as we conclude with the 3-part story "Presidents Day." There's not much for me to say. Paul explains it best on his blog. This book is very special to me. I know it's good and I think you know it too. I want to thank all of you who buy and support the book. You make the difference.

There's no sour grapes from me. But I will say that this is the year I found out how important buzz and word of mouth is for a comic. Getting people,  as well as "big name" people, to say "This guy is killing it on this comic, you have to check it out, best comic of the year!" on Twitter is the absolute way now. Making a great comic isn't enough. You have to create a constant "buzz". It's annoying, it's often out of your hands, and It's not something I naturally enjoy doing. It's an ever-changing market out there. There's never been a better time for comics, but as a comic creator you really have to "hustle".

Okay, so what now? I  just took a new job. I'm drawing 3 issues of a pretty big thing. I can't say much yet. Just think of a big thing and that's probably it.

So, I have to two more issues of Saucer Country to draw. 

I'm juggling 6 comics right now and yeah, I'm not getting much rest and relaxation. It's painful.

 6 comics!

Funrama #3

I've been hard at work on Funrama #3 and I'm half way done with it! With help, I've had a site http://www.funramacomic.com/ made for Funrama where you can read #1 for FREE and download or purchase #2. Go read #1 for free. Check it out!

I've been trying to get Funrama #3 done so I can make it a C2E2 convention release but since I took on this new job, Funrama might be delayed. This makes me sad because I put all my heart into Funrama. It's the most personal work of my life. And, I know Funrama fans are waiting for the next chapter. I hope to finish as soon as possible, please stick with me! When you find out what this new gig, you'll see why I took it on. But don't worry, I'm working on Funrama #3  a little every week.

 ...phew. And I'm also drawing ANTHEM with Brian Wood. This is the most frustrating thing. Mostly because I feel that publishers should be throwing buckets of money at us to make this comic.  Oh well. I'm gonna make it anyway. I have one issue done, y'know! But I have to put it to the side. It's sad. It's frustrating. I feel that Anthem is a "return to form" for us and LOCAL. If you've ever wanted a sequel to Local, then you better support this!


...oh yes! It doesn't end! I'm also drawing THREE with Kieron Gillen. What is Three? This is Three. In fact I'm drawing it right now as I write this blog. It's the more difficult project of everything in my stable because of the historical accuracy...but I'm trying. I'm working on 6 comics, but with Saucer ending, I consider Three my main 2013 project. Stay tuned! I'm very excited about Three. The first issue is one of the best first issues I've ever read!

And of course there's COCOTTE, my beloved webcomic written by the lovely Kat Vapid. Cocotte is not going anywhere! We have A LOT planned and we will be releasing the next chapter soon! Check it out. We just want you to read it. I'm really proud of this, probably more than anything I've done- It's such a unique creative experience - and I hope to take it into print some day.

Phew. So, so tired.


Here's some illustrations I did for the film post-apocalyptic film Best Friends Forever.

The film is debuting this week at the Slam Dance Film Festival and you can view the trailer here