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2013 Ends...2014 Begins. A Review In Words and Images.


Hey Everybody! Happy New Year. I hope you're having a good one so far. I wish you all the best. 
Thanks for taking the time to read my blog and lending me your eyes. I'll just go right into it.

How am I doing? Oh, Okay I guess. healthwise...eh. But at least I'm alive! I'm ending 2013 just like 2012: Not really sure of things. But, that's just the freelance life, I guess. Last New Year, I found out Saucer Country was being cancelled and I didn't know what I was going to do. Same this year. THREE is ending, and after that...? Well, I don't know. I'm very much dependent on writers asking me to draw their comics. And editors. So we will see how it goes. I'm at that age where I wish I was helping young artists get opportunities instead of just worrying about the next job all the time, but hey...I'm alive!

There IS one project I'm waiting to hear on. It should be neat if it happens. It would be something I've always wanted to do. But, we'll see. 

In the meantime, I'm finishing THREE. The #4 issue will be out soon. And then, #5--the final issue--and then that's it. I hope you've been enjoying it as much as I have. Working with Kieron Gillen, Jordie Bellaire and Clayton Cowles has been great. DREAM TEAM. I hope I can work with them again some day. 

Anyway, buy THREE at Comixology and the full collection will be out in the Spring of 2014.


Next up, is COCOTTE. Wow, Cocotte is really cooking now! 2 new pages in the past couple weeks!
I have big plans for Cocotte in 2014. I hope. I'm working closely with the writer, Kat Vapid, on nailing down a solid ending to the story. Although we are written ahead on script, we weren't working within an outline and didn't have the ending totally solidified. We are currently working on a proposal and we hope to work with a publisher on getting Cocotte to print and beyond some day. 


 You can read COCOTTE for FREE at http://cocottecomic.com/

Funrama #3

Now, let's talk FUNRAMA. Whoo boy, this is a doozy. Obviously, as you know, Funrama #3 is taking longer than it SHOULD. Life just gets in the way. But, I'm working so so hard to wrap up this issue! 

With Funrama, each issue is a "stand-alone story" that introduces a new character and his/her story as I gradually build up the ultimate superhero team. That's what's happening. Funrama #3 introduces Cactus Man, and it tells his story with the 1934 Minneapolis Truckers Strike as the backdrop. Here's some panels I just drew this past week:

Funrama #3


Funrama #3

And here's a panel featuring Flora and Raccoon from an issue to come later...


And here's an unused Raccoon piece. I might use it later...


Anyway, I'm really going to be pushing hard on completing Funrama #3 this next month or two. I'm already working on Funrama #4 and #5 even as I'm finishing #3! Sorry...comics take so long, especially when you're doing the whole production yourself. 

In the meantime, you can read FUNRAMA #1 for FREE at http://www.funramacomic.com/ While you are there, you can also download a pdf  of #1 for $.35 and purchase a print copy and pdf for FUNRAMA #2!


I have a half-drawn comic called ANTHEM with Brian Wood sitting in my drawer for a year or two. Again, life just got in the way of me finishing it. I started it maybe 2 years ago? Geez! All that unpublished art, seems like it's going to waste just sitting there in my Ikea drawer. Would people be interested in it if I finish it and just get it out? Hmm, comics...They are a constant puzzle to solve. But at least I'm alive.

Oh, here's some random recent art...

Bette Davis

I wonder what eyes she has?

Thorny Ant

...And a big ant with spikes.

And a commission of Nancy from Local:Toronto

I don't do a lot of commissions. But still, I need money. Sometimes I get in the mood to do them for a week, but often times, It's hard to muster up the enthusiasm. I frequently lose the passion to draw superheroes or company characters or other people's things...unless there's real tangible money. Lately, I just want to draw my Funrama characters and my own universe.

Anyway, Have a great new year, everyone. Please keep checking my blog for updates on Funrama and Cocotte and everything else.
I also post art on my tumblr and flickr and instagram

Have fun.

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