Monday, April 09, 2007

A Wall Of Work. Last Week, This Week, And All The Weeks Beyond.

Last week was completely unacceptable on all fronts. I got absolutaly nothing done last week no matter how hard I tried. I don't even think I got a single panel done, and I woke up every morning with an overwhelming urge to complete quite a bit more than one panel.

I don't ever recall having a more pathetic work week. The pillars of my life that held up the frameworks of fairness, decency, and cooperation came tumbling down scattering its particles everywhere and they lay they at this moment , staring up at me , mocking.

I've been in a terrible mood all week, and everybody close to me knows it. I never want to return to that period of my life again (again, last week, to reiterate). I have to do twice the usual workload this week, as last week was so completely deplorable for work. Completely appalling in every sense of the word.

Don't ever bring up last week to me again, please. Nothing went right. Everything was wrong last week. This week is already off to a bad start, but here's to a better week anyway.

How was your week?



Anonymous Anonymous said...

I'm curious-- do you still get students like the one you posted about a while ago, the one who was mad that a guy who drew Lucifer was teaching him when he wanted to learn comics to serve the lord, or whatever? I could see how that would make a bad week.

Me, I had ups and downs. Got a cold, which sucked. But was told that the police or FBI should arrest me because of something I drew, which sort of made my week.


9:52 AM  
Blogger RKelly said...

Naw, I have no problem with students who are deeply faithful or want to use their talents to promote the life of Jesus, believe they are suffering because Christians have no power in this country, or that George Bush is totally awesome.

It's just the ones that are at artschool but believe they are better than the teacher, have nothing new to learn, or don't need to come to class or do the work because they're busy playing role-play games and blogging about how John Kerry is bad, Islam is bad, and that people like me are probably not going to heaven.

I would never report you to the FBI , though.

12:13 PM  

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