Monday, May 07, 2007

Baseball Card Of The Month-Roger Clemens 1985 Donruss

Many people “hate” the Yankees because they win, or they’re rich, or “arrogant”, or because Alex Rodriquez exists. Primarily, I dislike the Yankees because they’re the type of team that panics and calls a team meeting every time they allow more than two base runners an in inning. It’s annoying. Usually Joe Torre can just sit there and watch the game, and not move an inch while his team scores 14 runs everyday. But, their pitching sucks.

So, Roger Clemens has come out of retirement (again?) to join the Yankees and give making a crazy amount of money one last try.

He agreed to a one-year contract for $28,000,022 -- the last two digits matching his uniform number -- that will start when he is added to the major league roster for his first start, most likely in three to four weeks. Clemens will earn about $18.5 million under the deal, which will cost the Yankees approximately $7.4 million in additional luxury tax, meaning they are investing about $26 million in a seven-time Cy Young Award winner who will turn 45 in August.

To celebrate, I offer my 1985 Donruss Roger Clemens Rookie card as the Baseball Card Of The Month. Check it. I got this card out of a wax pack! I won’t say how much I paid for the pack, but for a 13-year old kid, it was a handsome sum. Nevertheless, it was worth it to see the look on my friends’ faces (well, at the time).

Prorated for 4 months, The Rocket will make about 18.5 million. He’ll be starting a little late in the season. So, he’ll make about $750,000 per start ( a pitcher, these days, usually works no more than 6 innings or a 100-pitch count). Thus, he’ll make about $7,500 EVERY TIME HE THROWS THE BALL. I make QUITE a bit less than that everytime I draw a comic page, which takes all day.

I don’t know how much my card is worth now. Maybe $50.00.

Roger Clemens Lifetime Stats



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