Friday, February 29, 2008

Trees. Lots of Trees. And Snow. Wheat. Fields Of Wheat. An Immense Amount of Wheat.

Tomorrow is March. March is going to be bad. March is Red Alert Warning Warning DefCon 5 Children Of The Corn: The Final Sacrifice. I'm going to be killed in every direction 100 times this month. I've known for months now that March was going to happen and I had no way of stopping it.

I've very lightly placed myself into a bit of quadary. I have to pencil, ink and tone 24 Local #12 pages by about April 5th so that we can all enjoy The Local Collection sometime before the polar ice sheets melt and drown us all. That's a pickle on it's own. But I have to be on my inking job everyday. That would be The Vinyl Underground. It looks really cool. I think. I hope. even though I have to work FFAASSTT, with a capital Fast.

Oh, while I'm doing this I have to do a 13 page colored anthology story for a super secret summer project that I can't mention but it's for The Comic Book Tattoo Tori Amos Anthology with writer John Ney Reiber. It's Incredible. Oh yeah, that's also due on about April 1st, and I haven't even started on it. Will I be able to do this? You Make The Call!

Oh yeah, and I took on some illustration work for some cash. Oh right, and I'm teaching 2 studio classes.

But it looks like after that, I'll be venturing onto my biggest, most high profile job yet, and that will take me through the rest of 2008. Good news for any freelance artist with kids and a mortgage. This will be my best art yet. I hope. All the while, negotiating the time for my own creator-owned project. and hopefully some new things for 2009.

I've also began the practice of hiring out for assistants. Temp work. I have no choice. filling in blacks. dead, monoline inking. scanning. toning. It's a Ryan Kelly factory. So I guess I don't sleep this month.

The best news is that with my new project, I 'll get to draw lots of trees. And Nature! Water! Rocks! Expansive landscapes. No time-consuming Skyscrapers!

And Look. Local #12. Trees! lots of them. Not a large detailed building that someone might actually live in. No one can say that I drew that train station wrong. Because, it's a tree!

I'm not allowed to ever show my Tori Amos pages, but look at this panel sketch. Trees. And Snow. Lovely snow. Snow doesn't look anything like large clusters of ornate and detailed office buildings! It's just snow. All I get to do is draw a round shape, much like a circle, and be done! I never though art could finally be...Easy.



Blogger Zap Rowsdower said...

While you're trying to get all that work done, I think you should watch some Larry The Cable Guy

"Git 'Er Done!"

See? I know you quite well.

2:12 PM  
Anonymous Courtney said...

Hi Ryan! The last time I saw you you were hopped up on a lot of painkillers. I'm glad you're feeling better! Anyway- I found your blog and am really excited about three things:

1. Local being finished. I want to see what happens to Megan!

2. The New York Four. The art looks amazing.

3. This secret Tori Amos project. Being the Toriphile I am, from your picture I would say you were listening to "Winter".

6:53 AM  
Blogger Kirk Gauthier said...

I dunno how you do it, dude. VINYL UNDERGROUND is gonna be awesome, though; I'm all caught up and psyched to see you work with Simon Gane.

Hopefully you have some of that Community Coffee left over. Sounds like you might need it! ;-]

11:18 AM  

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