Tuesday, July 14, 2009


Here's a Punisheresque page from DMZ #43. In stores this week!

Well, anyway. I really want to get back to posting actual art soon. My health has been a real problem though. Less than 2 years after having multiple surgeries to remove my much-blogged-about kidney stone, I find out I have A Bad Thing in my bladder and I have to go into surgery to get it removed and tested. Fun. I know you're jealous. So I have surgery right after San Diego Comic Con. Mommy , I'm scared. On top of that I have back pain and carpal tunnel problems. Huuuuurt.

I live with and work with pain. I have the health of a 76-year old man. Sorry to bring you down. I'll go back to being sardonically funny and full of sunshine and rainbows and purple horseshoes right after this post. This is just to get some leeway with people who are waiting for work and drawings and commissions from me. I 'm sorry, I have to ask some of you to be patient and wait. I know it's hard to wait. I've been on the monthly deadlines for a year and I'll get to everyone's commissions when I get back from San Diego Con, which starts next week. Sorry for not answering emails for 4 months. Just trying to get my work done and be a dad. Sssssooooooorryyyy.

This week, I hope to post my San Diego Comic Con artist alley table location, signing times and merchandise. Please come by and buy some art and commissions from me. and check out Northlanders Book 2: The Cross And The Hammer, available July 29th.


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