Sunday, August 25, 2013

NYCC Commissions? Point/Counterpoint.


Here's a very rare Local commission that just happened.

Anyway, I've sorta retired from commissions because I just haven't been "feelin' it".  Getting extra-curricular artwork from me is a...journey. It's not the time and effort, it's more like...the basic will power I must excavate deep within my soul to draw other peoples' stuff. But maybe that's a good thing, because then only the people who really really like my art win in the end, after traveling through the depths of Mordor to get me to do a commission. Plus, I'm so behind on so many projects and, work-wise, this summer was a disaster for certain reasons. 

But with every convention, I find myself sending out the bait and seeing if anyone takes it. newyork comiccon is in October, so if any NYCC attendees are interested in a NYCC commission pre-order, go ahead and try. Try it, Mabel, try.  email at  

You pick the color and style while my expert technicians install it in your home and leave behind no messy residue.


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