Friday, March 07, 2014


FUNRAMA #3 cover art!

Welcome! This is it! I'm wrapping up the lettering on FUNRAMA #3: Cactus Man and I'll be sending it to the printer next week! The next Funrama blog you'll read will be the official ordering instructions! You'll be able to purchase a pdf digital edition or a print copy with extra cost of shipping.
It will be available next month, April, and debut at MN Springcon in May! 

I'm honored to say this issue will include exclusive pin-up art from Jim Towe, Don Cardenas, Barb Guttman, Mike Rooth and Julia Scheele!

If you're a comics reviewer/blogger with a legitimate site or a comics friend, I pledge to send you
a copy of #3 or a full set of Funrama #1-3. (I probably only have 100 copies to give away, and 50 full sets to give away, so if you already have a previous issue, let me know so i don't send it! I need all the copies I can get!)

Stay tuned! When I get the book in hand, I'll put it up for sale!

Here's some peeks at the Cactus Man issue that I've been tweeting and instagramming the past months.... 

As you can see here, I've been working on future issues of Funrama, including a Raccoon-focused series, but I need time and MONEY!

And here are the starring characters of Funrama #4!... Secret, for now! Get ready, because I'm working on that too!..

And here's a look at Hygeia, the starring character of Funrama #5!...

And don't forget, you can read FUNRAMA #1 for FREE, as well as buy a pdf for $.35! at  You can also buy FUNRAMA #2 there!


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