Wednesday, November 12, 2014


Gwen Stacy Spider-Woman
I've been too busy to do commissions, but I've done a few here and there. I'm finishing up some some work this week and I could probably do few commissions for the remainder of the year. If you want anything, email me. funrama at gmail. Here's a commissioned drawing of Gwen Stacy "SpiderGwen" so you can see what kind of quality I offer.

Note: I do not enjoy doing personal commissions of friends, family, boyfriends, wives, pets, etc, stuff like that. I also don't like drawing other people's original characters and things. I can do these things, but I now charge a crazy amount of money to ease the pain. With commissions, I like drawing popular mainstream characters from comic books, cartoons, movies, TV... stuff like that (and my characters of course!)



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