Thursday, May 25, 2017

Sketches...Heroic Heroines!

Big Barda
Here are some recent sketches.

Also: Thank you so much for commissioning me.

But...If you commission a sketch from me, don't send emails asking me when is it done and where is it and can I have it now and have you shipped it and can you send me a sketch and and and.

I'm at that age where I can't deal with that anymore. There's a reason I don't take money up front. I feel it buys me the freedom to be an artist and take the necessary time and deal with life. If you want to hire an artist to send status reports, you should get someone else. With me, you just put in a request, sit back in your sack, play a little Xbox, and I'll call you in a few months when it's done. The magic of ART!







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