Wednesday, January 24, 2018

PAY ME AND SAY THANK YOU: The all-new 2018 blog on art commissions

Starfire and Raven

When it comes to commissions, my customers--for the most part--are all awesome. Polite and appreciative. Thank you nice customers for commissioning me and waiting and being awesome.

Here we go again with my rules on commissions:

1. I'll change my rules any way I want to benefit me and my ability to do the best work I can.

2.  I don't care how long I take on your commission.  I don't care if I take 2 months, 8 months or 2 years. When I finish your commission, I just want to hear "thank you" and "payment is on the way" or some version of that. I don't want to listen to nit-picking about how long I took or your opinion on my email etiquette.

3. If you don't like waiting, please DO NOT commission me. If you don't like waiting, do not make a request for a drawing. If you can't wait for your drawing, I don't want your business.

4. I don't care how other artists manage their art commissions business. I don't care about their rules and methods. Go commission them. I run my commission list my way. You make a request, I finish it when I can, and you pay when it's done. I no longer give estimated completion times because it just causes problems.

5. If you don't mind waiting--and you're committed to paying--go ahead and request.  I'm working through my large list. Any new requests will probably be waiting for most of the year. I'll eventually get to it and give it my best effort.

6. Thank you for your business, nice customers.

Prices below. 11X17 inch paper is now the default large size (easier to ship). I can still do 12 X 18 inch paper, but only if you special request it.

9X12 inch paper, gray: $70
9X12 inch paper, color: $80
shipping extra: $7 USA; $13 Canada;  $17 International
11X17 inch paper, gray: $120
11X17 inch paper, color: $140
shipping extra: $9 USA; $15 Canada;  $20 International
Price is for one character. Extra character is $20 extra small / $40 extra for large.
Special background art requests are $20 extra small / $40 extra for large.
I also have 11X14 and 12X18 inch paper if you prefer. 

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