Thursday, December 20, 2018

COMMISSIONS Final post of 2018!

Princess Mononoke
If you want to commission a drawing, email me at funrama@gmail.com. The wait is long, the list is long. I take as long as I need. I don't charge upfront. I will ask you to pay when I begin the drawing.

I think people see my low prices and elect to pile a lot of characters in their request. I advise against that. Piling tons of characters in a drawing doesn't insure it will be a better piece and it means It will take forever to get it done. One character is way easier. Small paper is way easier. No color is way easier. I'm happy to do color, large paper and 2 characters but please think about your request carefully first. Large, color, and multiple characters is more work and more time. Just so you know.

I suppose people get a little alarmed when they request a commission and get an email from me 10 months later requesting payment. If you commission, then you're in for the long haul, and agree to my rules. It's a wait. I'm sorry the wait is long, but that's the way it is. I do my best for everyone.

Thank You:
Thank you!

9X12 inch paper, gray: $70
9X12 inch paper, color: $80 
shipping extra: $8 USA; $14 Canada;  $18 International
11X17 inch paper, gray: $120 
11X17 inch paper, color: $140
shipping extra: $9 USA; $16 Canada;  $23 International

Price is for one character. Extra character is $20 extra small paper / $40 extra for large paper.
Special background art requests are $20 extra small paper/ $40 extra for large paper.
I also have 11X14 and 12X18 inch paper if you prefer.

Night Nurse
Rogue and Gambit
Hannah Dundee
Wizard Of Oz



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