Wednesday, November 29, 2006

American Virgin #9

Yep, it's Wednesday. That means another issue of American Virgin I inked is available in your grocer's freezer, right next to the frozen peas. Go get it!
Solicit info:

Written by Steven T. Seagle; Art by Becky Cloonan and Ryan Kelly; Cover by Joshua Middleton

The epilogue to "Going Down" spins American Virgin into all-new territory. Adrift in a sea of seething sexuality, sworn virgin Adam Chamberlain is out of his element, out of his comfort zone, out of time, and from the looks of things, close to coming out of the closet. But why isn't he running away from the land down under and its string of temptations? His one true love, Cassie, thinks she knows the answer…but she's dead…isn't she?

Vertigo|32pg.|Color|$2.99 US|Mature Readers
On Sale November 29, 2006


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