Friday, December 29, 2006

SPIN Magazine Illustration-The Shins

I did an Illustration of the band, The Shins,for the current issue of Spin Magazine. It's the "Best Of 2006" issue with Tv On The Radio On the cover.
I originally wanted to do something easy--line art with digital color which is what a lot of the illustration is like these days but they wanted my painted style and I was happy to to do it.

Spin art director, Liz McFarlane, got a bunch of photos of the band for me. I thought this one was funny.

Based on that, it was decided that I was to do something with a nautical theme. I did a bunch of thumbnails. But that was nixed after the album review came in. A new direction was needed.

I worked on some new sketches, One I really didn't like, One I did.

Finally, The completed art as it's seen in the magazine. My personal schedule forced me to paint it in about 24 hours. I'd prefer 40 hours-ish to do an illustration.

Well, that's an illustration I guess. The result is that I got to explore the Shins' music more. I haven't heard the new album. "New Slang" is my favorite song and it's now the anchor for my Local #9 soundtrack, which i'm drawing now.


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