Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Art For A Donation-Old Art Samples

My Make A Donation And Get My Art program has been going well. I've been getting a lot of customers. Thanks to all who have sent money for art. The Donation service is still open and will continue for the rest of my life (tentatively).

A few details-- Go ahead and make a request. I probably won't be able to always come through, but it doesn't hurt to try. I'm even doing a custom drawing for a gentleman today, but that's pretty rare. Also, keep in mind, when you get art, that I have to pay for the envelope, shipping, and the Paypal fee. The "Make A Donation" button is in the sidebar.

Here's some examples of the type of stuff I send away. I have a vault, It's filled with stacks and stacks of old art samples, drawings, sketches, comic pages. Not many eyes have seen this stuff. There's no reason to. There's a TON more.

A Hipflask piece for Richard Starking's Christmas card. Long-gone now.

A sample over Becky Cloonan's pencils.

Guess what it is, It's fun!


I'll post more oddities and anomolies for shits and giggles down the line, but a lot of it isn't worth showing.



Blogger Parkas 4 Kids said...

My guess is that the bottom panel is from DEMO #5 (?), "Girl You Want." I'm pretty sure I'm right, which probably means I'm wrong.

That's how it works around here. :-3

9:13 PM  

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