Thursday, March 20, 2008

Tigers are Awesome

I took a break from the madness to draw animals and garden stuff at the Como zoo for 2 hours.Colered with Copic Markers.
Tigers are Awesome

I used this drawing to try out all my crowquill nibs from various manufacturers. I’ve been teaching an Inking class this semester at MCAD which Is going aw’right I guess. I had to test out all the classic nibs on the market before I demonstrated them—Brause, Gillotte, WM Mitchell, Leonardt Hiro, Speedball/Hunt, and all the Japanese nibs.

Tigers are Cool

I’m going back to using more nibs, in accompaniment with brush, in my work like I did in Lucifer. I pretty much have all the basics covered with a Windsor Newton Brush series 7 #2 or #3, the G-Pen (Nikko, Tachigawa) and the Hunt 102. Although, I ‘m dabbling with other Kolinsky brushes because the WN has some occassional problems. I still use Faber Castell Pitt Pens for preliminary “dead” monoline outlining and then finish with the brush like how a lot of classic inkers work such as Al Williamson and Alex Toth. I like their Inking. Plus I use the Pentel Tradio Stylo pen but it's not water proof.

If you don’t have the G-Pen, get a Hunt 99. Damn, that’s a great pen. It’s not as fine–line as the 101 Imperial and the 56 School Nib but it has the perfect brush-like flexibility and it’s super fun to ink with.

When I practised on this Tiger, I used mostly a G-Pen, Hunt 99, Hunt 108, and a Gillotte 404 and 303 but I was trying a little of everything.

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Blogger Kirk Gauthier said...

Those tigers look AWESOME! Have no idea what you're talking about with all the brushes and nibs and stuff, though. Heh, I'm still having trouble picking my old drawing pencils back up. :-3

9:05 AM  

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