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"The skinny:

The Local Hardcover is:

- oversized (7.5 x 11", like the Marvel oversized hardcovers)
- heavy paper, hardcover, black taped binding (no dust jacket - see The Push Man for easy comparison)
- 384 pages!
- i believe the final 16 pages are full color, containing the original cover gallery
- 57 pages of extras
- $30
- what is gray on the cover image below will be silver

The book is available to order from comics retailers with this code: JUN08 4143 has it at their usual discount:

My personal feeling is that this book will be under-ordered and see a lot of reorder activity, and its availability will be spotty for awhile. Meaning that demand will be higher than the stock Diamond allows smaller publishers to maintain in their warehouses, and a reprint, when the first printing runs out, will take a few weeks. So I suggest everyone place pre-orders with their retailer of choice.


My 2 cents:
I've seen the mock-up for this book and it's unbelievable. It's basically a Local Absolute Edition for $30. Khepri is selling it for only $19.49 until June 30. Duh, I'm going to buy a bunch for myself.

Local also on Amazon



Blogger Simon said...

Ordering this today. Can't wait!

2:29 AM  
Blogger Jeff said...

Loved Local, but even moreso I'm looking forward to getting this collection. A big fat solid book of 384 pages for thirty bucks? All in one volume? Man, I'm there.

6:39 AM  

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