Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Wolverine and Rogue in Tokyo


This is my Wizard World Special. I thought this was really boss when I was drawing it now I just think it looks ridiculous and dumb, which is the circumstance 90% of everything I draw falls into.

This is inspired by Uncanny X-Men #173 (Paul Smith art) when Wolverine goes to Tokyo to stalk his girlfriend Mariko, and he takes Rogue along on her first mission as an X-Men. Anyone remember? Storm went punk in this issue too. This was from the first scene where Wolverine and Rogue were beating the crap out of some 80's Yakuza dudes.

I don't gain any particular enjoyment drawing Superhero stuff. If someone actually called me to draw capes and tights I guess it would look like this. The only thing I really want to draw before I die is a Wolverine and Rogue story. This is meant to be colored but then I put too many lines in it. Maybe I'll still color it.



Blogger 5colorcowboy said...

forget superheroes,too tight(s)

7:48 AM  

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