Wednesday, October 07, 2009

Son Of Jor-El, Kneel Before FALLCON.

Here's the Ebay Listing for this Supergirl Drawing. Go bid on it. All the money goes to a good cause.

Here's a Supergirl piece I did for the Marla Bea Benefit Auction. The money goes to cancer research. Go look at all the artwork up for auction. I also donated a painting to another charity auction for Wonder Woman Day in Portland. Check out the gallery, there's some awesome art.

This weekend is Fallcon! Are you excited for Fallcon? How excited are you?! This much excited?! All you need for your ticket to enter a world of magical, mystical wonder where the children of the world come together in peace and harmony to enter a world of real Fallcon fruit flavor is within your reach Here

If you would like a piece of original art like this beautiful Supergirl piece, FallCon is your chance to make that dream happen. As you all know, it takes me weeks, MONTHS , even years to get to commissions over email, and that makes me the worst person that has ever been born.... BUT!... If you catch me at a convention-Presto!-the commission appears right before your eyes! Just like David Copperfield, I reach behind your ear and say, "oh what's this behind your ear? Ah, it's a full color sketch of Death!". And then you cry.

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