Wednesday, February 10, 2010

FUNRAMA Preview Art

Raccoon and Flora

I'm posting some preliminary art for my side project Funrama exclusively at this Tumblr blog, Funrama . I think you should go "Follow" it if you like art and stuff. I feel really bad that I'm not using Tumblr like everyone else does but, bah, I'm just too busy.

My strategy for Funrama is constantly changing. I'm working towards having two Funrama promotional books for the 2010 convention season. One will be for C2E2 Chicago (April) and TCAF (May) and that book will feature The Mutant Punks. The next book will be for SDCC (July) and New York Con (October) and that will feature my character Raccoon. These promo books will feature snazzy pin-up art from all the best artists in the comics galaxy. But I still have to write and draw these books, so I'm violently busy these days. There will be a website. I'm still working on that. And there may be some other Funrama promotions this year. But not too much because The New York Four is my main focus. I hope you'll buy a Funrama book when it's done. Stay tuned for more news on that. Exciting times.




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