Friday, August 17, 2012

August Art Update - Not Even Kidding

Saucer Country #8

Up here is the Cover to Saucer Country #8.  I made this with my bare hands. And then, I just drew the story inside too.  I didn't waste any time. Why waste time, because I went and drew the cover for Saucer Country #9 as well. Right down here...

Saucer Country #9

C'mon. Saucer Country Volume 1 is only $8.38 at Amazon I mean, please.  If you like comics like Saucer Country, you need to buy comics like Saucer Country. 

All I want to do is make comics and then I want people to read them. It shouldn't be hard. There shouldn't be barriers. I'm making a new comic. Wouldn't you want to read it? It looks like this:


You can learn about it and all kinds of other stuff in an Interview with Chris Arrant here at ROBOT 6

And here's the latest page of Cocotte. I'm not even going to waste time begging you to read it. It's a good comic. I'm giving it everything I got. It's here, okay. I mean, I've done everything I can:


I'm not trying to waste your time. I think I'm a good artist. I think Funrama is good.  Probably even really good. That would be neat if someone published it, but oh well, I guess I'll just do it myself. Here , see, I'm working on #3. It's called FUNRAMA #3: Presents CACTUS MAN....

Funrama #3: Cactus Man

I mean, all you have to do is give me money, and you get sketches. It's not that hard. (it is hard, you'll be waiting months). Like this:


I'm not wasting time, y'know. I'm always drawing and I'm trying to do my best. What's wrong with that? See, here. Here's some drawings. Sorry they're Instagramey. I will be having my HUGE ANNUAL ART SALE very soon.  I don't know what day yet. Check my twitter  if you care. I'm not even screwing around with this. You get very cheap art and if you're a lucky buyer, I send you MORE FREE ART AND A FREE SKETCHBOOK. I'm not going to waste your time with some "15% normal price!" baloney. Why waste your time. Here 's what to expect:

Look at this picture of Zatanna. Just look at. I'd draw you a sketch if you want at New York Comic Con. See, just look here, if you have the time, or not: New York Comic Con Guests

Sorry, I guess I have to go now. I have to draw and my health isn't good. I have Trigeminal Neuralgia and it makes me irritable. It really hurts. Have a wonderful day!


Blogger Jackie Tam said...

Hey Ryan.

Your table will be the first one I go to the minute the doors open on Friday morning at NYCC

Hope to see you there.

4:33 PM  

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