Tuesday, April 15, 2014

FUNRAMA #3:CACTUS MAN up for Order!

FUNRAMA #3: CACTUS MAN is now up for order!... at:
Please give it a shot! I think you will like it.

Pdf download: $2  Special pdf bundle of issues #1-3: $3

Print edition: $4 + $2.50 U.S.A shipping ($4 International shipping)

FUNRAMA #2 is also for sale for  $4 + $2.50 U.S.A shipping ($4 International shipping)
FUNRAMA #1 is FREE for a Tweet

Written and drawn by Ryan Kelly. April, 2014.
Here comes Cactus Man! Cactus Man joins the expanding Funrama universe in this harrowing tale of one person’s journey from man to cactus.The setting is the hot, turbulent summer of Minneapolis, 1934, and there is a war against labor in the city. Floyd MacAloon is an
agent of The Citizens Alliance, a pro-business, anti-union organization, and he does his job well. But, when he finds out he’s just a pawn in a violent game, he must make a decision. A decision that will lead to a fateful change in his life, his mind, his body…Forever!
Includes pin-up art by Don Cardenas, Barbara Guttmann, Jim Towe, Mike Rooth and Julia Scheele!

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