Friday, December 19, 2014

Commissions for Emerald City Comicon

EDIT 1/07/2014: Sorry, my commission for ECCC got totally full. All filled up. It's possible I can still do commissions in gray on small 9 X 12 inch paper or just "headshots" for a low price. if interested, email me. Thank you!

Omg, I'm going to Emerald City Comicon?! That's what it says right there. It's in print, it must be true.

If YOU go to ECCC and you want a commission from me, this is your chance! Just email me at funrama at gmail dot com. Don't delay. Don't dilly-dally. Just pick an idea out of your head and I'll paint it all up for you. If you're not sure yet if I'm a good artist, that's okay, I'm not sure either!...but take a look at these recent commissions and use your best judgment.

Prices depend on what you want, and what size and Color or no.

A word o' warning: ECCC is probably going to be like TCAF for me. I'll go once and give it a shot and that will probably be it, so if you want a commission, don't be shy, let a Ryan Kelly know!

EDIT: Like most artists, I prefer to do popular, fictional characters in mainstream comics, cartoons, movies, tv. I'm open to the idea of video games and anime, but I don't know any of that stuff and so I'm kind of numb to it.

I do not draw art buyer's personal original characters. I SHY AWAY from drawing stuff from people's indie books--like image books and stuff. I have no reasonable explanation for it... I just don't like it. I took on a few of those right now, but if it gets too much, I have to ease back. It's a little hypocritical because ill draw Batman, Optimus Prime and Darth Vader and those were others' creations; but sometimes I'm just not in the mood to draw something or other...It's VERY rare, but it happens.

One commission request I get by THE TRUCKLOADS -- and I guess it's because of my style and the books I've worked on (or maybe every artist gets these...?)-- is people asking me to draw their boyfriend/girlfriend/wife/husband. I don't enjoy doing these, and there's always too much potential for disappointment. I CAN do these but I would charge A LOT. I mean, A LOT.



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