Wednesday, August 26, 2009

David Bowie

Thursday, August 13, 2009

DMZ #44: NO FUTURE (and stuff)


This week's comic supply begets the release of DMZ #44, part 3 of 3 the conclusion to the dark and tumultuous NO FUTURE story line and the end to my short residency on DMZ. Now, I must go away for a long time to a secret, underground, fortified bunker to draw The New York Four part 2: Rise of the Silver Surfer. That's just the working title, it'll be called something different , I think.

You can purchase DMZ #44 as well as my entire run of DMZ at my new Online Store at Khepri.com I'll be promoting the heckfire out of that when they spruce it up with my banner and bio.

On the health front, well, I guess I'm doing okay, I guess, if you really want to know. I had surgery to remove The Bad Thing which went well. But my symptoms are still cold kickin' it live so i'm worried about that. The first pathology report came back as no big trace of the "C word" so that's a huge relief. But, there could always be a little dab of low-grade malignant bad thing, so they send it to the Mayo Clinic for a final Supreme Court ruling. Hope and pray. And a few Jedi mind tricks too.

Well, that was depressing! Now I get to go draw fun, happy things! No more vikings chopping off heads! No more gasmask terrorists mowing down people with machine guns! Now I get to draw cute college girls reading books and sitting on trains.

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