Saturday, December 16, 2017

Black and White (and Gray) commissions

Drawing commissions in gray is fun and relaxing while doing color commissions are hard. So if you feel like commissioning a drawing in gray...go for it! But if you want color, that's fine, I don't mind.

Anyway, To all who have commissioned from me: Thank you. I know the wait is long, but I'm trying to work through them before I start a new book project. I appreciate those that have patiently waited.
You've been nice. I eventually get to everyone.

As for those few people who can't wait and slagged me off on Facebook for taking too long on commissions: I'm still fuming over that. Your expectations about when your drawing should be done don't interest me. You can take those expectations and walk right out the door and dump them on some other artist. I don't charge up front, therefore I don't owe you anything but a drawing that will be done when it's done.

Okay! happy time now! Prices. shipping rates for International are increased a bit.

9X12 inch paper, gray: $70

9X12 inch paper, color: $80
shipping extra: $7 USA; $13 Canada;  $17 International

12X18inch paper, gray: $120
12X18 inch paper, color: $140
shipping extra: $9 USA; $14 Canada;  $20 International

Price is for one character. Extra character is $20 extra small / $40 extra for large.
Special background art requests are $20 extra small / $40 extra for large.
I also have 11X14 and 11 X 17 inch paper if you prefer.



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