Saturday, March 24, 2018

MSP ComiCon pre-show sketches

Hi, It's me again! As usual, I'm attending only one convention this year...MSP ComiCon

Are you going to the show? I'm offering a chance to pre-order a sketch from me for pick-up at the show only. Fun!

I'm only taking five. Five pre-show sketches. Five slots. You can have one of the slots by requesting your sketch, via email, at funrama@gmail.com and paying upfront, via Paypal. After 5 is filled, that's it.

Yes, it's the rare time I have you pay upfront (I don't have people pay upfront for my commission list, which is not limited.) These are limited. This is "pay-up-front" to insure that a no-show/non-payer doesn't steal a spot from someone else. Again, I'm only taking 5 sketches so I can do my best work.

I'm ONLY doing one character, on 9 X 12 inch paper, in a plain vanilla pose, from about the hips-up. I'm not drawing legs. Not drawing backgrounds. See this Baroness above for example of what you'd get. Mainstream comic book characters only. TV, movies, video game characters are probably fine. If I don't care for the subject, I can decline, but that's rare.

It's $50 for a gray sketch or $60 for a Color. These are cheaper than my regular commission list.

I don't really do fancy sketches at conventions anymore. I could do maybe one or two per day if you catch me early. I do free 5-minute doodles though.

MSP ComiCon sketch slots:

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