Wednesday, September 12, 2018

Recent Commissions Round-up

Freddie Krueger
Hi everyone, and thanks for commissioning me. I REALLY APPRECIATE IT.

Rules on commissions:
I take as long as I want. I don't charge upfront.

I wanted to take a moment here to discuss drawing background elements in these drawings, since the issue comes up occasionally. These are my compositions so I decide what to put in the picture. It could be a tree, a wall, some clouds...I draw what I want and what works easiest for me. If you request specific scenery; a precise building or a detailed story element, etc, then I charge an extra $20 on the base price. Full stop. For instance, If you request "Thor" I'm going to draw him on a mountain top or something, if you request "Thor in Asgard", I'm going to charge the extra $20.

I need to raise the price for international shipping a little bit. It costs so much. Sorry.

Thank you and thanks for being great customers!

9X12 inch paper, gray: $70
9X12 inch paper, color: $80 
shipping extra: $8 USA; $14 Canada;  $18 International

11X17 inch paper, gray: $120 
11X17 inch paper, color: $140
shipping extra: $9 USA; $16 Canada;  $23 International

Price is for one character. Extra character is $20 extra small paper / $40 extra for large paper.
Special background art requests are $20 extra small paper/ $40 extra for large paper.
I also have 11X14 and 12X18 inch paper if you prefer.

Death Dream
Lady Snowblood
Superboy Wondergirl







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