Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Northlanders Character Designs

Here are some of my character designs for my upcoming run on the Medieval viking series Northlanders...

(cover artwork is by Massimo Carnivale)

And here's an exerpt from the book, Wars Of The Irish Kings, of the Irish account at the Battle Of Contarf:

" Now on one side of that battle were the shouting, hateful, powerful, wrestling, valiant, active, fierce-moving, dangerous, nimble, violent, furious, unscrupulous, untamable, inexorable, unsteady, cruel, barbarous, frightful, sharp, ready , huge, prepared, cunning, warlike, poisonous, murderous, hostile Danars {Danes}; bold, hard-hearted Danmarkians, surly, piratical foreignors, blue-green, pagan, without reverence, without veneration, without honor, without mercy, for God or for man.

These had for the purposes of battle and combat, and for their defense, sharp, swift. bloody, crimsoned, bounding, barbed, keen, bitter, wounding, terrible, piercing, fatal, murderous, poisoned arrows, which had been anointed and browned in the blood of dragons and toads, and water-snakes of hell, and of scorpions and otters, and wonderful venomous snakes of all kinds, to be cast and shot at active and warlike, and valiant chieftains..."

Dragons, and scorpians and otters, oh my. Otters always make the murderous killing so much more colorful and lighted-hearted.



Blogger Grant Gould said...

LOVE these, man! I'm really looking forward to your run on this book..

Minnesota viking artist powers ACTIVATE!!

6:51 PM  
Anonymous Bruce said...

This is great. I guess I had no Idea you were working on the book.
Congrats. I look forward to seeing it.

4:09 AM  

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