Friday, September 12, 2008

Cassingle Of The Week: Sorry Again

Kids today, with their rock and roll and Chat Rooms and hula hoops.
They can have your .99 cent Download. Give me a Cassingle and I’m a happy man. No object so perfectly personifies my generation, the early-to-mid 90’s, than the commercially produced Cassette Single. Why, for the unbelievable low price of only $3.99 I could get not only a song, but also a B-SIDE, WITH a cardboard sleeve. A sleeve. CARDBOARD!

Sorry Again represents one of the biggest hits from Velocity Girl, an early, East-coast, alterna-grunge-era band. But they were known, unfairly or not, as "Bubble-Grunge", and if you listen to their music, you'll sorta get it. They have a little bit of Shoegazer in them, so i like it. And I tend to like that 90's, awkward-girl-singing-over-distortion sound. I love the backing "Whoo-Hoo!"'s in the chorus. There's Only One Thing Left To Say is the B-Side.

This particular cassingle appears to be the product of a joint-venture between Sub Pop and Urban Outfitters, probably to expose the bands to the store's customers as they buy muted, torn flannel shirts and some AirWalks. I probably grabbed this cassingle for free, 14 years ago, from the counter as I was buying a new pair of 10-hole Doc Martens or something.

Hear the song and video.

My Grade:

Single: A
Perfect little 3 minute pop song I've been playing in my car all summer.

B-Side: B-

Great song pulled from the album...BUT, it's not a rare, unreleased, non-album track , so not a true B-Side in my book.

Packaging: C+
Not great , but the graphics are culled from the original album. A pretty standard commercially-driven promotional item.

Presentation: A

Single and B-side are represented on BOTH sides of the tape . Very nice.

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Blogger laneypie said...

I got one of these when it came out when I was on a trip to Washington state, I was a tween then and my dad took me to the Subpop store and the cashier gave me tons of free promo material, including this single. I was wondering where mine went and did a web search and came across your page. I could not find this cassette in any of discographies I looked at but I am tired, it being 2:30AM. Thanks for sharing.

2:38 AM  

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