Sunday, April 21, 2024

SPRINGCON Commission List ONLY May 18, 2024

If you would like to order a sketch to be picked up, in person, at MNCBA SPRINGCON on May 18, 2024, give me a ring at funrama@gmail.com

These are special prices only for the show (not my regular list which I will revamp soon). Only 4 sketch slots  available for this show.

9X12 inch paper, one character--

bBack/white, gray-$150



Saturday, December 02, 2023

FUNRAMA Comics for sale and on Patreon!

Since 2010, I've been writing and drawing my own ongoing comic books series Funrama, a sprawling
superhero sci-fi fantasy soap opera about characters who obtain alien super powers and must protect an alien world called...Funrama!

Subscribe to my Patreon and read the ongoing series as I create it, with a new page uploaded once a week. The current issue is Funrama #8: Flower Power which focuses on the character Flora. For just $3 per month, you can support the creation of my comic and be the first to see it!

Also, you can purchase print editions of all Funrama back issues in my store! See examples of 
Funrama 4-8 here and click on the store link. Thank you!

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Saturday, September 09, 2023

SIOUXPERCON Preshow commissions


Jonny Quest

I will be appearing at SiouxperCon on Sept 29, 30, October 1, 2023 in Sioux Falls, Sd. This is the first Convention I am attending in 8 years (that is not a local hometown show). Seeing me at a convention is a one-time generational event. It's like seeing a unicorn. A rare occurrence.

I'm offering a very limited number of pre-show sketch commission slots, 5 in total, for buyers to pick up at the show. If you're interested, Please contact me at funrama@gmail.com and be prepared to pay upfront via PayPal.

The prices are listed below. Side note: I will be revamping my regular commission list soon, since my old list is...very old. And probably no good now. I have new prices that properly reflect the current market and my wish to do quality work.


One Single Character with minimal backgrounds of my choice

9X12 inch paper, Gray: $150

9X12 inch paper, Color:$200

11X16 inch paper, Gray $200

11X16 inch paper, Color $300

Two Characters with minimal backgrounds of my choice

9X12 inch paper, Gray: $200

9X12 inch paper, Color:$250

11X16 inch paper, Gray $300

11X16 inch paper, Color $400

Special Background requests are an extra $50 for 9X12 and $100 11X16.

I only draw popular comics, cartoon, tv/movie, video game or literary fiction characters. No personal portraits. No OC's.


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Wednesday, September 06, 2023

SCRAPPER on Sale now! Image Comics

Run to your comic shop and pick up Scrapper, my new series from Image Comics, written by game designer Cliff Bleszinski, writer Alex DeCampi, and colorist Jordie Bellaire. I am drawing Issues 2-6. Issue 3 will be available in September! Click for a preview

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Wednesday, December 14, 2022

Assassin's Apprentice #1 Launch, Links and Preview Art

Today is the release date for Assassin's Apprentice #1 in comic book shops and online sellers, published  bDark Horse Comics 

I feel very privileged to be adapting and drawing this fantasy classic by Robin Hobb for the comic book market. I'll do my best to make long-time fans of this book happy with the comic. I notice when Farseer Trilogy fans talk about Fitz, they sometimes say "Our Fitz" and then I sense the feeling of ownership and affection readers have with this story. 

As the artist of the book, I have the easy job. Writer Jody Houser has to break down the entire book and distil it into the comic book story medium. That is not easy. I am joined by Jordie Bellaire on colors; Hassan Otsmane-Elhaou on Letters, and Robin Hobb offers guidance through every step of the project.

Purchase the book today at your local comic book shop or via digital download

Join my Patreon to see more process work for Assassin's Apprentice.

Other links:

Robin Hobb talks Assassin’s Apprentice and Comics

Assassin’s Apprentice: Jody Houser and Robin Hobb Break Down the Launch of the ‘Farseer Trilogy’ Adaptation

Dark Horse Comics Reveals First Look at Farseer Trilogy Adaptation Assassin's Apprentice #1 (Exclusive)




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Thursday, November 24, 2022

The Completed Saucer Country

We are currently offering The Complete Saucer Country with a new final chapter via Zoop

You can get the Complete 400 page book Collecting all issues--over 10 years worth of work-- of this dark political thriller blending UFO lore, or even just go in on the single final chapter. Hurry and support this campaign before it ends.

By me, Paul Cornell, Pippa Bowland, Simon Bowland.

The Completed Saucer Country on Zoop


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Saturday, February 20, 2021

Commissions for 2021

Here are new updated prices for commissions. Prices are the same but shipping rates are adjusted. Thanks to everyone ordering commissions.
If you would like to commission a drawing, email me at funrama@gmail.com with your request. The wait is long, but you don't have to pay upfront. I send you an email when I'm ready to do your drawing and I ask for payment. Thank you. 
Commission Prices:
 9X12 inch paper, gray: $90
9X12 inch paper, color: $120
shipping extra: $9 USA; $12 Canada;  $18 International

11X17 inch paper, gray: $140 
11X17 inch paper, color: $180
shipping extra: $15 USA; $20 Canada;  $26 International

Price is for one character. Extra character is $30 extra small paper / $60 extra for large paper.
Special background art requests are $30 extra small paper/ $60 extra for large paper.
I also have 11X14 and 12X18 inch paper if you prefer. 
Here are some recent commissions plus some "sketches" that are near commission-quality:



Monday, November 23, 2020

New Books--Preview and Purchase Info

 I have some new books out right now and they would all make ideal Christmas gifts. 

On sale in comic shops Dec. 2 is Marvels Snapshots: Civil War a 30-page special issue drawn by me.

Read about this upcoming book here and here is some Preview art:

Also, in shops and available digitally is G.I. Joe #9, drawn by yours truly, and features a 
story about Tunnel Rat. Purchase digitally on Comixology or hop in your local comic shop. Preview art:

Don't forget, the fully collected STRANGER THINGS: INTO THE FIRE Trade Paperback is available.
It makes a great gift for Stranger Things fans and flushes out the ongoing Stranger Things storyline.
Purchase on Amazon 

Also, Funrama #4: First Night is available! The 4th issue of my own ongoing series! Written and drawn by me! Issue 4 is available to buy in my Store

Also available in the store is a bundle pack of most all my original graphic novels--10 books in all!--for only $50 plus shipping! Purchase here

You can support me and the ongoing Funrama series on my Patreon

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