Tuesday, April 19, 2011

This Is Not A Love Song

I haven't Bloggered in a while. I've been busy and/or tired; and/or not feeling well; and/or just not "into it". THE NEW YORK FIVE is done. Phew. The last issue will be out in a few weeks. Those suckers are 32 pages. Brian did a tremendous job on the last book. It's JOHN HUGHESESQUE (I hope that analogy doesn't get me beat up.)...but better...A great ending! Lucky for me, Jim Rugg helped out with inks on a bunch of pages. He's such a great artist. Here are some of my pencils. See, I can draw in pencil too, I bet you didn't know that. Click on the image. Blogger sizes everything down so small and I can't take it anymore:

My layouts are always better than my final pages. Sigh. :

There is a sick amount of unused process sketches and pencils from the project. I might post them all if they don't go in the collected book. Here's an early pencil sketch. :

Raw inks and tones:

I tried to have some "downtime" after The NY5. My sons and I have daily drawing jam sessions where we just draw Batman and Green Lantern guys:

This is my Sinestro Corp Scarecrow:

And Sinestro Corp Scarecrow by my son, Jax (You can even see he drew a little Despotellis on the lower right) :

And his Jaime Reyes Blue Beetle:

A random Bleez I drew for no reason whatsoever:

I've been hard at work scripting and drawing the next issue Of Funrama, FUNRAMA PRESENTS #2: RACCOON. I'll have an 8-page preview ashcan book for sale at MN SPRINGCON, and then the full 32-page book will be available by mail-order online and from me personally at conventions, just like I did with theMUTANT PUNKS book. Here are updated character designs. More updates to come!:

I've also been swamped with long overdue odd-jobs and commissions. Like this:

And this:

And this Death:

I need to start charging a lot more for drawings. They're a lot of work. I'm not joking:

I like signage in my town that hangs around and never gets contemporized:

A custom Red Robin and Spoiler I made when i had some "free time".

I was sad that we didn't get to use this Olive sketch for a cover design:

Besides FUNRAMA, I'm beginning to start on some "Big" "projects". So, so far I have some work. At least I think, I'm pretty sure. Yay. This now concludes your call. Thank you for your patience. You may hang up now.

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