Wednesday, October 12, 2011

New York Comic Con 2011

Well, hi there! I will be appearing at New York Comic Con this week, Thursday -Sunday, October 13-17. You can find me at Artist Alley Table L3. I'll be doing sketches and commissions all week. Come on by and purchase some original art pages or buy a sketch. Prices vary. I'm forgetful so I always need reference. I'm not bringing much this time. Some art, a few books, some art supplies.


I'm terribly bummed that I don't have Funrama Presents #2 ready for the convention, but I will have an 8-page Preview Mini Comic available for $1 or free with a purchase. Here's a look:

I'll be signing at the ONI BOOTH from 12-12:45 pm on Saturday.

And I'll be selling these at my table:

I'll be on a Vertigo panel on Saturday promoting a new project. I can't show anything yet but here's some character designs for it:

I did a really cool Elvis comic for an Elvis Anthology with Joshua Dysart! Look for that early next year! Here's a peak:

My buds. I wish I could take them to NY with me:

I was thinking of not going to NYCC because my health has been rough, but things are getting "Dickensian" and I need some money to pay doctor bills and food for the family so I welcome sketches. I don't really do them anymore so getting one from me at a convention is the best way. First come , first serve. Thanks, see ya there. Drive safe and have fun.


Monday, October 10, 2011

PJ Harvey


Inks and digital color

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