Tuesday, February 24, 2015

New Books And Editions Round Up!

A quite a few new collections, reissues and deluxe books that feature my art have made their way to the market recently, so I thought I'd mention them all while I'm busy making new comics! Amazon.com links are provided and ask for them at your comic shops!

Lucifer Book Five
This is the final book in the current volume and collects issues #62-75. Grab this and finish the story! The Lucifer TV show pilot is in the works so finish the original epic story and buy here.

The New York Four
All of The New York Four, and it's sequel The New York Five, is collected here in this large Dark Horse Comics edition with a special art gallery "painstakingly" curated by me. Get it for a a great low price

And there's a Free 100-page Preview for you right here!

Coffin Hill Volume 2: Dark Endeavors
You may not know this, but I drew a spooky chapter in the magnificent ongoing series Coffin Hill.
You can buy the second volume to the series here at Amazon It collects issues #8-14

Dead Boy Detectives Volume 2: Ghost Snow
Let's not ever forget, I drew Dead Boy Detectives with Mark Buckingham and it's all collected here in Volume 2 which compiles issues # 7-12

 DMZ Book 3
Also, I drew a 3-part story for DMZ called "No Future". It's a good one, and you can read it here in this new Deluxe volume from Vertigo, right here.

I made a STOREENVY site where I will be selling original art, books and prints. Currently , you can buy Giant Robot Warriors and FUNRAMA 1-3 there! But, I will be doing another Art Sale very soon. You do not want to miss it!!

Here at ryankellyart.storenvy.com

You can also read and buy my very own, self-published, creator-owned FUNRAMA at http://www.funramacomic.com/

Please read it and support it! If I get support, I can keep making it!

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Wednesday, February 11, 2015

FUNRAMA #1-3 Review at All-COMIC

I am full of joy that ALL.COMIC reviewed the first 3 issues my comic FUNRAMA!
 Check out the review where they say:

"A smorgasbord of superhero conventions, Funrama is an absolute celebration of comic books. Zigging where you thought he would zag, Ryan Kelly is building a unique world that wants to reach off the page and high-five you. Beyond simply proving yet again he’s a masterful artist, Kelly is showing his writing chops are nothing to sneeze at by delivering sharply written dialogue and cleverly structured scripts that are heavy on character and atmosphere."

Hooray! Remember you can purchase FUNRAMA and read the first issue at http://www.funramacomic.com/