Monday, April 28, 2014

Lots Of Comic Books Out Right Now

Three is such a huge achievement for me. The book just came out and I'm hoping to get more readers on this thing. I feel like, for a book this good, it passed under people's radar. I love this book. Local is obviously the most "important" book I've done; Saucer Country had the most creative potential; NY5 was probably my peak, art-wise; Cocotte and Funrama are my most personal work; But THREE is the coolest project I've been a part of, for sure.

Buy Three here, from Image Comics.

Star Wars Vol.2

It was so great to be a part of Star Wars. Definitely a career highlight for me.  I don't remember drawing a dang thing though. I was half-asleep during this time. Volume 2, with my Pencils, just came out this month.

Buy Star Wars Volume 2 from Darkhorse Comics.


Lucifer Book 4

Lucifer Book 3 just came out and Lucifer Book 4 will be out in August and that will wrap up the entire 75-issue run. Lucifer was where I developed my skills and I am so pleased to be an artist on a book that is so well loved and admired after all these years.

UnWritten Apocalypse #3

UnWritten Apocalypse #4

With The Unwritten, I'm always coming in, doing some stuff, and popping out when I get busy. What a great series this is. So many fun things to draw in Mike and Peter's book. I did Finishes on Issue #3 and #4   I might be doing something special for the UnWritten in the future.

The Dead Boy Detectives

I'll be working with Mark Buckingham as a Finisher on The Dead Boy Detectives starting with #7. I hope I do a good job. Bucky's work on Fables is amazing obviously, and his work with Chris Bachalo in the 90's is still my favorite art in mainstream comics of all time.

Written by TOBY LITT
On sale JULY 23 • 32 pg, FC, $2.99 US • RATED T

The ashes of St. Hilarion’s have barely settled before the tabloids start a witch hunt against “pyrobrainiac” Crystal Palace in the first chapter of the new story, “Ghost Snow.” Charles Rowland and Edwin Paine spirit their new friend away from London and accept the invitation from Charles’s long-lost sister Clementine to visit her and her science-boffin daughter, Miranda, deep in weird and wild East Anglia.

Secret Avengers Original Sin #1
I'm drawing an Original Sin tie-in for Secret Avengers with Ales Kot. One of those Marvel Infinite thinga-majoggers. It will be free with a purchase of Original Sin #2 and #3 by redeeming a code. It's nice to work with Ales. He's a cool dude and we almost did an indy book together a hundred years ago but life got in the way.

Read an interview about it at Newsarama

Funrama #3

Most important of all, I just released #3 of my my epic comic opus, FUNRAMA. Funrama is what you would get if I was given free-reign to make the comic I want. Although, often,  have to work on it "on the side" and I just have to manage some how. This is my book. It's all me. you can't get more Ryan Kelly than this.

Funrama #3; Cactus Man is available as a $2 pdf download or $4 plus shipping for a print copy at I hope you buy it, I know you will like it!

I have some other things "in the works", and something not announced yet, so we'll have to wait and see.

Also, Cocotte, my webcomic with Kat Vapid is cooking along . New post going up today too!

And as always, Thanks for your support!

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