Monday, July 30, 2007

The New York Four



Brian Wood, Ryan Kelly, Minx/DC comics
Renowned graphic novel creator Brian Wood (”DMZ,” the Eisner-nominated “DEMO” and the forthcoming Vertigo series “Northlanders”) once again collaborates with artist Ryan Kelly (”Lucifer” and “Books of Magic”). In “The New York Four,” Wood and Kelly follow the trials and tribulations of four freshmen at a New York City university as social and academic pressures and conflicting personalities threaten to unravel their friendships as quickly as they’ve been forged.


Tuesday, July 24, 2007

SDCC-"Load Brush Pen..."

...left out "clip toenails".


Zippo and Freewater

Zippo and Freewater characters © Stuart Moore and Ryan Kelly

Monday, July 23, 2007

American Virgin Vol.2: Going Down--This Week

Out this week--

Written by Steven T. Seagle ; Art by Becky Cloonan and Ryan Kelly; Cover by Joshua Middleton

Collecting issues #5-9 of the red-hot new Vertigo series by Steven T. Seagle and Becky Cloonan. Adam Chamberlain has to entomb his eternal love, but will he bury the best parts of himself with her? Adam is shocked to find that mercenary Mel has learned where the terrorist cell that killed Cassie is hiding.

Vertigo, 128pg, Color, Softcover, $14.99 US, ISBN 1401213014, Mature Readers
On Sale July 25, 2007

Friday, July 20, 2007

SDCC Schedule

I'm attending my first San Diego Comic Block Party '07 next week. I'm in SD Wednesday through Sunday. I'll just be wandering a lot, looking for something to do. I may be hanging out at the DC comics area as well. I will likely get a massive cold or an anxiety "episode", so if you just want to sit with me on a curb and drink out of a paperbag, that's fine, I'll give you my cell number.

I don't have an artist table, but I'll be at the Oni booth atleast one hour per day. I may have a few pieces of original art with me for sale. I can do my usual doodles but I'm open for a couple black and white commissions as I'll be doing them in the hotel room if I can manage anything at all.

Please come by and visit. I'll bring the potato salad. I'll update this if I appear anywhere else. Hope to see you.
Signing and stuff:


3:00-4:20pm- signing, Oni booth (#1834)


12:00-1:20pm - signing, Oni booth (#1834)


To be determined - (I won't be able to make my 6:00-6:50 time that day)
I will also be at a panel at 12:00pm in Room 8.


10:30-11:50 - signing, Oni booth (#1834)

Check out the Full list to see all the creators at the Oni booth next week.


Thursday, July 19, 2007

Humanoid Woman

© Ryan Kelly
Humanoid Woman
Ink on paper

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SDCC MUST DO: Rifftrax and FilmCrew!!

Rifftrax, The Reunited Mystery Science Theater 3000 team of Bill Corbett, Mike Nelson and Kevin Murphy, will be at San Diego Comiccon! "signing children's foreheads and movie posters" as well as promoting new FilmCrew and Rifftrax disks.

Bill, Mike and Kevin are an enormous influence on my life so I can't wait.

You must check out Rifftrax, where they are currently providing tracks where they riff on the movies Star Trek Generations, Fantastic Four, Eragon, Predator, Glitter, Grey's Anatomy (TV), Star Wars and many more!

Mike, Bill and Kevin, as The Film Crew have put out their first DVD , giving the MST Treatment to the 1961 film, "Hollywood After Dark".


Wednesday, July 18, 2007


© Ryan Kelly

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Monday, July 16, 2007

Funrama Casting

Funrama and all characters © Ryan Kelly

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Friday, July 13, 2007

American Virgin.18.01

Pencils by me

Inks by Jim Rugg

22 pages in 14 days. Kill me.

DC Comics. American Virgin created by Steven T. Seagle and Becky Cloonan

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Thursday, July 05, 2007

Local #10 process


Tone guides. I relegate some toning duties to the interns. I do these quick tone guides in colored pencil for the interns. Interns-- they make the world go around.


Monday, July 02, 2007

Watcha Doin' ?

Local #10 is getting really close to being done. I'm going to post some art from that momentarily. I'm rushing Local like never before. It isn't a great disability though, as I think the art is as good as it will ever be. So, no matter what I do, the quality is better than issues #1-3, I believe/hope. Things will move briskly. Read Local!

I’m a 1/3 of the way done with my Unannounced Graphic Novel. That doesn’t sound like much, but I’m taking care of my babies a lot of the time. I’m not “taking the piss”. It doesn’t matter too much because the pages go really fast when I do get to work on them. By the time San Diego Comicpalooza ends I will be furiously elated to not be addressing it as Unannounced Graphic Novel anymore. It’s been classified over a year now.

I’m going to be pinch-hitting for Becky Cloonan and penciling a few issues of American Virgin. Which is happy-joy for me because I really love that book. Steven T Seagle writes. Jim Rugg inks. So, for the time-being, I’m back to drawing 3 books at once. It’s going to hurt, but it’s a good kind of hurt.

Hmm…I get to draw a short story by young adult novelist and Minx author Cecil Castellucci. Not much to say there. I guess the official people will announce it officially in the official time.

I gotta to draw some art for Greek artist Ilias kyriazis and his book Manifesto.

My pitch has now been sent to four publishers which I don’t know if that means much yet other than I gained a few contacts along the way that I’d like to reach out to. Not much to say. Pitching is not a good activity for my self-esteem issues. I think I’m much better at making comics, not pitching them. I’d just like to say, “Good sir or madam , this will be the best book I will ever draw, That is the greatest promise I shall ever make.” and then they shall reply, “ Gracious me, you are a scholar and judge of good wine, we would like nothing more for the greatest book you will ever draw to be published by our company. Salut! Sign here. Kiss.” And then it would all be over and I could sleep.

I will likely get to draw a one-shot Vertigo title later on and some possible other stuff. This freelance artist has stuff draw for the rest of the year.

My paintings. People are always asking if I'm doing any more paintings right now. More on the later, but for the Summer and Fall, I'm just doing comics. I am going to do a new heap of paintings later in the year, hopefully. They'll be really different and not like anything else I've done. I have to learn how to do high quality painted work quickly and not spend 2-3 weeks on a painting that might not sell.

An Internet Warrior actually hassled me for changing "styles" (more factually, changing my "media", I suppose). Isn't it terrible that I'm an artist that wakes up every morning and wants to do something new and different? Isn't it shameful that I want to move in a direction? Isn't that just worse than war and poverty? What if The Cure just made albums like "Faith" for the rest of their career? We would never have silly things like "Why Can't I Be You" (Internet Warrior: " Now you're comparing yourself to The Cure! Jerk.") I get bored with my art. I get antsy and I have art-ADD and I want to do something different all the time, which is actually, for servicing a career, not a great idea. I should really just settle on one way of making art and milk it out for the rest my life. Art has rules, I must follow them.

I don't have an official website yet. Sorry, I suck. Sometimes I don't see the point with free things like Blogger and Paypal and Flickr. Plus, I don't know how to make a website. And who would want to on my 56k dial-up connection?

It looks like I'll be mixing it up more with a certain writer and doing original books, small press, short visual stories, mini comics, and picture books. I'm most excited about that. I'm going back to MOCCA next year and I'd like to be equipped with some real home-made mini comics. MOCCA is a good event for that and I just felt like one of the more "Mainstream" entities this year. So , hopefully, back to my roots and doing some self-published home-made things in my spare time ("spare time") through 2008.

I like MOCCA because I get to have friendly-time with creators I admire like Rick Spears, Rob G, Brian Wood, Hope Larson, Becky, Zander Cannon, Zak Sally, Tania Del Rio and Will Staehle. I met Tara Mcphereson for the first time. It all makes me want to be a better artist.

Although, I think I really messed up Hope Larson's Kiss Book. I didn't know it was a "Kiss" theme! Maybe I wasn't listening carefully. I thought it was just "utilize the ribbon.". SORRY Hope!!

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