Thursday, September 27, 2007

American Virgin #19

...just kidding...It's still just me.

Written by Steven Seagle; Pencils by Ryan Kelly; Inks by Jim Rugg; Cover by Celia Calle

Concluding the 5-part "Around the World." Paris: the city of lights…the city of love…the city of sex. And Adam Chamberlain has not one, not two, but three shocking revelations for the new woman in his life. One involves a question, one involves his future, and one involves changing the title of the book from American Virgin to something else.
On Sale September 26, 2007

Don't worry, this is still Becky's book. I'm just, y'know, loitering. I penciled the final chapter of this fabulous story arc. If you're a loyal American Virgin reader, you're in for some major surprises in this one. I tried to keep the energy and characters close to Becky's work but, y'know, it still kinda looks like my work. Jim Rugg inks, so sometimes it looks like his work. Crazy! I know I'm doing my job when reviews of the issues say "Becky's work is still going strong!" Uhh, look at the credits, people. She's back on issue #20, and I'm going to take a nap.
Really, I drew it, see , visual proof!....

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Sunday, September 23, 2007

The Lucifer Art Collection

Lucifer 75, originally uploaded by funrama.

This was a long time coming but I posted all of my Lucifer original art pages online. I probably worked on 1200 pages from this celebrated Vertigo series. I believe I have already sold 2/3rds of my Lucifer pages so I hold on to these more dearly. You can also view more Lucifer art at petergrossart.com. I'm still scanning, so there may be a few more pages to come.

Many of my pages are for sale. If there is an original art page you'd like to purchase, email me, and I'll qoute you a price with shipping cost. I can take Paypal and I'll ship the art to you USPS Priority.

I am no longer offering bulk prices for my Lucifer art.

A few of the pages I posted are not for sale, and I'll try to mark those as NFS. There are about 200 pages in the gallery at moment, I intend to make about 50 pages Not For Sale. I'm giving those to my children!

The art is scanned as grayscale so you can see what the original actually looks like. Some pages are missing panel borders and I routinely draw in any needed borders for any work that is sold.

Lucifer Art Collection

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Wednesday, September 12, 2007


Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Comic Creation Fall 2007

Would you like to know how to make comics? To peer through the window into the secret inner workings of comic book life? To know what compels us to get up every day and draw and draw until our arm turns to Silly Putty? Sure, we all would!
Sign up here.

Comic Book Creation

Ryan Kelly
8 Saturdays
Sept. 29–Nov. 17
9:30 am to 12:30 pm/Room M218

Noncredit: $255
Noncredit Alumni/MIA Members: $230
Early Registration Discount: $10 off tuition total for registrations made before August 31

This course explores the expansive world of comic book stories and drawing styles. While learning the fundamental aspects of comic book creation and design, students explore the diverse worlds of traditional and contemporary comics. Students will create original characters and storylines and be introduced to techniques, materials and disciplines used to create professional comic art. Students will learn the following skills: page layout; penciling; lettering; and inking. Guest speakers, demonstrations and class critiques will supplement studio work. • Basic drawing skills are strongly recommended. • This course is open to students ages 13 and up. • A full supply list will be distributed at the first class meeting. • This course is cross-listed with Teens.

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Thursday, September 06, 2007

September Is "The New York Four" Month

The bulk of the art you will see in The New York Four next year has to be produced in the next 6 weeks. I don't enjoy the fact that I have to pencil, ink and tone 70 pages in one month, but there it is. I've had to change my way of thinking to a daily cartoonist or a true manga artist. No longer is it feasible to dwell on the kick-ass quality of that panel I just kicked-ass on for 6 hours. It's all about volume, volume, volume. Pages, pages, pages. I'll sleep next year, thanks.

The Minx art boards I was originally sent featured 2 small blueline pages per 11X17 sheet. At first, I laughed heartily and mocked its very existence . But no one's laughing now. I've been reduced to working small, maybe 110% of print size in some feeble attempt to regain some sense of daily accomplishment. The results have not pleased me. The lines are too bulky and my hand has been seriously cramping up and stinging with pain. i've been putting my hand on an icepack every night. technically speaking, It sucks. It's hard to say, under these conditions, that I'm doing my "best work". My ceiling is still very high, and better quality is down the road. But this book will atleast be as good as Local and that has to count for SOMETHING.

My art pages aren't pretty to look at , and I've always considered my art pretty disposable. i don't throw the stuff away, but I practically give it away. Some artists think of their work as priceless jewels , and that's cool. But my art is full of patches , white-out and correction tape. I have to redraw and make corrections on translucent vellum. I agonize over lines too.

The New York Four layout sketch. This is what i send to editor Shelly Bond.

Inks and tones. This page is still in process and needs to be cleaned up. The art's still messy. All the girls can be seen here eating sushi. In the booth, from left to right: Lona, Merissa, Ren and Riley.

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Tuesday, September 04, 2007

No Food No Drink

No Food No Drink, originally uploaded by funrama.